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ADS LogoAccelerated Digital Solutions
For almost 20 years, ADS has provided technology consulting services in the Austin market by delivering customized infrastructure solutions--from design and deployment to disaster-recovery planning. With its Technology Alignment Program (TAP) and Consumption Management Initiatives, ADS ensures a return on the technology investment that empowers management to plan for and focus on its competitive business edge rather than technology-related issues.

Dimensions Floorplans, LLC quickly delivers superior quality architectural drawings with special emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Services include site collection of architectural data, CAD drawing creation, building space analysis to the appropriate standards, and space planning.

Texas Children’s Hospital
Our growth and construction program facilitated the need for off- site laboratories and administrative offices. Your research provided a perfect purchase of a two (2) story laboratory facility. Additionally, a different lease of several floors fully met our administrative needs.
- Mr. Alex White, Executive Director

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