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The real estate needs of today’s highly efficient businesses are complex and can have a direct impact on a company’s operating costs and ultimately the bottom line. That is why we view each client as a partner, taking a strategic approach to the process so that we take into account each client’s total real estate need, from short-term immediate placement to long-term planning and forecasting.

Tenant Representation

Buls Hodge provides representation services for clients looking to lease commercial property space.

Our services include:
  • Location analysis
  • Proprietary market analysis
  • Leasing and improvement negotiations
  • Lease proposals and construction planning
  • Broker’s Opinion Value

Buls Hodge experience in negotiations,research and market knowledge ensures that you will feel good about the lease you are signing. Commercial Real Estate is always changing, allow us to help you navigate your negotiations so you and your company do not make a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Landlord Representation

Through our experienced team of professionals, Buls Hodge provides listing services for landlords of commercial properties.
Our services include:
  • Personal relationships built on trust and confidence
  • Client follow up with bi-weekly or monthly activity reports
  • Negotiations and credit qualifications with tenants
  • Improvement allowance negotiations

Buls Hodge’s advantage in commercial landlord representation comes from our awareness of the harmony and discord between market conditions and our client’s needs. Our all-inclusive service is based on a proven strategy that benefits both landlords and tenants.

Buyer Representation

Buls Hodge Consulting provides buyer representation for clients seeking to purchase or invest in commercial real estate.

Our services include:

  • Value analysis of income, costs and comparable properties
  • Credible negotiation tactics and skills
  • Listing services, including marketing and leasing strategies for your investment property

At Buls Hodge, our tested methods have helped clients understand the commercial real estate market and make stronger financial decisions during the purchasing process. By utilizing our services, you can avoid making the costly mistakes of misinformed buyers that lead to loss of capital and opportunity. Buls Hodge can also provide lending resources to help with financing.

Seller Representation

At Buls Hodge, our team of professionals provides clients with listing services for owners of commercial property.  
Our services include:
  • Personal relationships built on trust and confidence
  • Client follow-up with bi-weekly or monthly activity reports
  • Negotiations and credit qualifications with prospective buyers
  • Creation and/or ongoing execution of marketing plan

Choosing Buls Hodge will allow you to take advantage of our 8 step marketing process to ensure the proper marketing and representation of your property. You can also ask for a broker's opinion of value to ascertain what your property is worth to determine how quickly your property can be sold in today's market.

Special Services: Sublease, Data Center, and Call Center Specialists

Call Centers

At Buls Hodge Consulting, we know that not all office space is created equal. The size and layout of space is dependent upon the business function to be performed and it is important to take into consideration the effect workspace has on employee performance and moral. Call centers especially benefit from proper space planning-including work stations and common areas. Available parking space is also a major consideration as call centers employ a large number of agents relative to square footage.
Whether you are looking for a space to handle outbound sales, inbound customer service, or provide an internal IT help desk, we can help you calculate the ideal amount of workspace needed and see to it that all the necessary hardware and telecommunications components are in place.

Data Centers

Perhaps no other type of office space is more important than the area that is a company’s data center. Understanding that the main purpose of a data center is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of every organization, large or small, means that we put extra effort in helping you secure a space that meets the stringent physical requirements of a data center - air temperature and humidity control, back up power supply, tiered electrical system, raised flooring, fire protection system, and security system. From a Tier 1 to a Tier 4 data center, occupying one room, several floors, or an entire building, we can find you the right space.


High volume, high security, and high performance does not need to equal high cost. The sublease market is the most economical way of acquiring office space or, if you are a current tenant, the most profitable solution for un-used or extra office space. It is a win-win situation that benefits both parties. And at Buls Hodge Consulting, thanks to founder Michael Buls’ creation of the Austin Sublease Report, we are able to provide clients with up to the minute information on available sublease space as they become available. That’s an advantage you’ll have only with us!

Thomas N. Thurlow and Associates
We first allowed Bryan Bell to renegotiate for more time on our present office lease. He later assisted in an expansion and another renewal. He most recently aided in the search and negotiation for office space in Denver. One of our attorneys had found a space and I dispatched Bryan to negotiate a fair price. While in Denver, he found more suitable space and a much lower rate (sublease) which ultimately saved forty five (45) percent on our lease rate.
- Thomas N. Thurlow, Managing Partner

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